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The Vendean chef likes to remember how far he has come since his childhood, spending time with his father in the family kitchen. “an occasional cook who spent his sunday cooking the best products bought in the local market”.
With this vocation, Thierry DRAPEAU realized a classic professional parcours from classic apprentices to kitchen clerk, then from chef de partie to chef de cuisine in various establishments in the four corners of France.

He received his CAP at Mr. Lann’s Restaurant “The Central” located in Guilvinec (France) and obtained his BEP at Mr. Thomas’restaurant “The Manor of the Comet” in Nantes (France).

First a Kitchen clerk at Jenny Jacquet Restaurant “Black Truffle” in Neuilly (92) he then became first kitchen clerk at Grand Véfour in Paris with Mr. Signoret.

At the age of 21, he was the chef at “Le Bateau Ivre” restaurant at Le Bourget du Lac (73), Jean-Pierre Jacob’s two Michelin stars establishment, and the following year at Mr Jacob’s second Two Star restaurant in Courchevel (73).

Gilles Tournadre Restaurant “Gill” in Rouen (76) as a second in charge chef.

Jean-Marc Banzo Restaurant “The Clos de la Violette” in Aix en Provence (13), then Gerard Clor at the Restaurant “L’Escale” in Carry le Rouet two Michelin stars as chef.

Back in Vendée in 1996, Thierry DRAPEAU opened his own restaurant “Auberge Robinson” in Les Sables d’Olonne (85) which he officiated with great success until 2001.
Thierry DRAPEAU’s ambition is to welcome you at his sumptious restaurant located in Ho Chi Minh City and share a rich and creative cuisine only made for you

“Inspired by the wonders that Vendée offers us, seafood, poultry, meat, foie gras, fish, …”

These same products that he bought every Sunday morning with his father at the local market…